VEGANUARY: The Survival Guide, Part 1

Cat skeptical of life choices...

Cat skeptical of life choices...

So you've committed, you've taken the leap, you've even made it facebook official: you're going Vegan for January - doing Veganuary if you will. And now you realise that you're actually going to have to feed yourself... but fret not, despite what all the #vegan #healthy #raw photos on instagram may lead you to think, vegan diets aren't all that complicated. The fact is that we rarely bother to post a picture of our breakfast when it's beans on toast (#guilty) - which incidentally is vegan. I've compiled a few ideas to help you get through your meat-free month, one meal at a time.

BREAKFAST -  The first hurdle - but what am I to put in my tea?!

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ยท         Swap out Cow milk for a plant-based milk (Soy / Almond / Oat etc - you can find a whole bunch of options, though be aware that A - some 'sweetened' options contain a lot of sugar and B - soy production is often ecologically destructive, try to buy from companies that use responsibly farmed soy)

ยท         Most breads, including bagels and crumpets, are fine, so toast is still on the menu! As are baked beans / HP sauce / Branston pickle / marmite /  jam / peanut butter... Or avocado and finely sliced tomato if you're instagramming your way through Veganuary...

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ยท         Check out our OVERNIGHT OATS recipe for a quick, easy, delicious and nutritious breakfast.

ยท         BANANA PANCAKES are so easily made vegan. For a basic batter you'll need to mix together a mashed ripe banana, flour, baking powder, and plant milk - that's it. You can also try subbing some flour with oats, adding cinnamon, sultanas, blueberries, milk-free choc chips...whatever you fancy!

ยท         If you're craving eggs, give SCRAMBLED TOFU a go

ยท         Smoothies / juices - possibly the easiest breakfast there is. Put your choice of ingredients in a blender/juicer and drink your creation. 


Try not to think eating vegan as limiting yourself - instead use it an opportunity to get creative with your cooking! Sometimes it'll work, sometimes it won't; eat it and learn from it - it'll make you a better person. I mean cook.


Enjoy! If you try any of these be sure to let us know in the comments below or tag us in a picture with #NorthernKarmaKitchen

Good luck and feel free to drop us a line with any questions!



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