Stretch for Success!

The year 11 girls at Horizon Community College have been studying yoga as part of their GCSE PE curriculum.

You don't often get the opportunity to relax and unwind in
class, and it's even rarer that you would be assessed on it! But
over the last few weeks the year 11 girls have been practising
yoga - a 5000 year old form of exercise that challenges your
strength, balance, flexibility and concentration. It isn't all
sitting cross-legged and deep breathing though, the girls work
hard for their relaxation sessions! They're learning more and
more each week, and their commitment and concentration is
outstanding. It's been a pleasure to work with them and see
them develop their skills. I'm predicting some top practical
scores, but also hope that everything the girls have learned
about staying calm and managing stress will really help
throughout their exams. Good luck girls, and thank you for all
your hard work!