Calling all Yorkshire Yogis!

Apparently it's the 24th of January - according to the calendar in the bottom right of my screen at least. I'm not entirely sure how that happened. It's been a very bizzare start to the year, vaguely aware of frightening concepts like "Trump" and "Brexit" yet at the same time living on a volcanic spit of land in the Atlantic ocean which, judging by the postal service at least, is light-years away from anywhere.  Indeed the main causes for concern out here in Lanzarote's countryside are the perennially drunk neighbours, one of which is the landlord, the other my self-appointed ukulele teacher. Well those and the structural defects of the house that will always be getting fixed maΓ±ana (see previous sentence re landlord).

Malfunctioning septic tanks aside, the past two months have been amazing - I've had the privilege of teaching and working with some truly inspirational people and I'll be eternally grateful to team Kalindi for giving us this experience and making us so welcome here. However, even if it still feels like the depths of winter back home, very very soon the snowdrops will start to flower, then the daffodils, and as everything starts to turn unbelievably green that means just one thing: it's time for the Northern Karma Spring Weekend! I am already so excited to re-connect with all my UK based yogis and to teach in a place where my accent isn't a novelty.

I'll be back in Barnsley for the weekend 11th - 12th March and it would be lovely to catch up with as many of you as possible! We'll be kicking off the weekend at 9.30am at Manvers Boat club with a three hour workshop on Yoga for Sport - looking particularly at all you runners and cyclists upping the mileage over summer. Come learn how yoga can help you not only to protect your joints and prevent injury, but even improve your focus and results. On Saturday afternoon we have workshop number 2 looking at Inversion and Balance. Suitable for complete beginners, we'll be working from the ground up, building strong foundations, working through mental blocks, and relaxing into more challenging postures.

Of course no NK Spring Retreat would be complete without the annual pilgrimage to Langsett. On Sunday morning we'll be setting out on a ladies only adventure into the woods, taking the opportunity to connect with nature, other like-minded women, and ourselves.

The price for the individual Saturday workshops is Β£15, or Β£25 for both. Sunday's Mindful hike is Β£5, or free to those who attend both Saturday sessions. Cannot wait to see you all soon!

Take good care,

Alys x