VEGANUARY: The Survival Guide, Part 2

This is Part 2, for easy vegan breakfast ideas, check out part one here

10 days in already! How is it going?! Let us know via  facebook  or  instagram

10 days in already! How is it going?! Let us know via facebook or instagram

So you've committed, you've taken the leap, you've even made it facebook official: you're going Vegan for January - doing Veganuary if you will. And now you realise that you're actually going to have to feed yourself... but fret not, despite what all the #vegan #healthy #raw photos on instagram may lead you to think, vegan diets aren't all that complicated. The fact is that we rarely bother to post a picture of our breakfast when it's beans on toast (#guilty) - which incidentally is vegan. I've compiled a few ideas to help you get through your meat-free month, one meal at a time.

LUNCH (or Dinner in Yorkshire)


I know, it's January and the desire to eat lettuce is at an all time low, but who said salad means limp lettuce and soggy tomato? No seriously, who said that, because they've got a lot to answer for. Salad, done right, can be the simplest and most satisfying meal option available, a lazy (or time-limited) cook's dream. They can be warm, raw, sweet, spicy - your imagination is the limit. Try including a variety of colours and textures to give interest to your meals. NUTRITION TIP: Dark leafy greens (like kale, chard, collard greens etc) and a sprinkle of pumpkin seeds will boost your iron intake


Hummus, roast veggies, tofu, salad, guacamole, peanut butter, marmite, veggie burger/sausage... NUTRITION TIP: wholewheat bread is a good source of protein, as are hummus, tofu and peanut butter.


Loads of tinned and fresh varieties are vegan, though homemade is always best.


With baked beans, salad, hummus...

None of these meals are looking too "vegan" or weird, right? In fact, you might be finding that loads of your go-to meals are easily veganised! Hopefully you'll be starting to feel a bit more confident that you can get all your body needs from a vegan diet too, though if you've got any worries about nutrition, have a gander at this super concise, helpful article from the lovely guys over at Veganuary headquarters!

Need some more recipe inspiration?

By signing up for free on Veganuary's website, they'll send you loads of useful info and recipes every day. Also searching 'vegan' on BBC Good Food or Jamie Oliver's website throws up more than 300 recipes apiece! Though some of my favourite go-to sites for vegan inspiration include:

Minimalist Baker - for minimal ingredients, minimal time, minimal faff 

Deliciously Ella - super simple, easy to use website - plus the ingredients are listed in g and ml! Hurrah for metric vegan recipes...

Oh She Glows - no weird ingredients and lots of gluten free too if you're sensitive



Try not to think eating vegan as limiting yourself - instead use it an opportunity to get creative with your cooking! Sometimes it'll work, sometimes it won't; eat it and learn from it - it'll make you a better person. I mean cook.

Enjoy! Let us know how your vegan adventures are going in the comments below or tag us in a picture with #NorthernKarmaKitchen

Good luck and feel free to drop us a line with any questions!



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