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A time-saving, filling, nutritious breakfast.

Perfect for a quick early morning getaway or to go. All too often eaten at my desk , but that’s another story... and a healthy change from the bacon butty for my trucker pal - that’s you Daveo! Let us know how it goes, post your pics to instagram and tag us #NorthernKarma.

What you need:

A handy portion–sized, sealable container. In true ‘reduce, re-use, recycle’ mode we use clean glass jars with lids, which are good for overnight in the fridge and to travel. A Salsa Sauce jar or similar is a nice size with a good wide neck so you can eat right out of it. Then all you need to breakfast in style is a spoon!

Dry Stuff:

·         4-6 dessertspoons of Porridge oats –organic, GF or just regular, whichever is good for you. Number of spoons depends on your portion size/jar size.

·         Ground flax seeds – if liked

·         Mixed seeds –pumpkin, sesame, sunfloweror chopped nuts whichever you’ve got

Wet Stuff:

·         ½  - 1 apple, grated –I leave the skin on but you can peel if you can be bothered

·         Fruit Juice –apple or pomegranate

·         Non-dairy milk –almond, soya etc

·         Soya yoghurt

·         Fresh fruit- sliced banana, berries, figs, anything goes!

How to make your breakfast:

1.       The day/night before you want to eat them, put the oats into your jar and add enough fruit juice to cover, stir in the juice, making sure all of the oats are wet.

2.       Add the grated apple to the oats – ½  -1 apple depending on the size of the apple –and how much you want to eat.

3.       Screw on the lid to seal and put in the fridge overnight.

4.       Next morning add a slug of ‘milk’ and stir in to make the oats to the consistency you like to eat them – I like mine quite loose ( keep your comments to yourself at the back)

5.       Finish off with a dollop of soya yoghurt , a sprinkle of mixed seeds or chopped nuts, and fruit of your choice.

6.       Either seal with lid, grab a spoon and go, or dig in.

7.       Enjoy!

Flavour combos: 

Banana and chopped nuts with almond milk and almond yogurt is a fave

Pomegranate juice lends a pinky colour to the oats, and is good with mixed seeds, red grapes andcubed melon

Our breakfast today was made with watermelon & ginger juice that we had from juicing a melon to make our Halloween lantern (I know , it was all we had in), we topped off with mixed seeds and blueberries.

This is Martin...Happy Halloween! 

This is Martin...Happy Halloween!