We believe that yoga has the potential to change lives, not only on an individual level but community-wide. As a part of this, we like to give the lovely people who come to our classes the option of "rounding-up" their class price, by as little or as much as they like, and at the end of each month all the contributions are donated to a local community-based charity or organisation, along with 10% of our profit. The other 90% goes back into making our classes and events better for you, through equipment, new venues and training.

We will also occasionally run charity yoga sessions where 100% of the profit will go to a specific cause, for example in June 2015 we held a Yoga For Nepal session that raised more than £200 for the Disasters Emergency Committee.

If you know of a local charity or organisation that you feel would benefit from our support please do get in touch.



In the Community: